vision international school


Beyond Books


As it is very aptly said "BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD" Our community service program proposes to expose our students to a reality outside their own experience so that they may learn to cope with unexpected difficulties and mature in the process.Vision International School, Shirur encourages its students to play a constructive role in the community by being actively involved in initiatives like :

  • Old age home /Four house system/ Special school
  • Local cleanliness


The general assembly is a weekly feature offering varied activities and serves as a stage for students, aspiring to compete at higher levels.


‘Sound mind in a sound body.' This is ensured by making games compulsory for all students. Professionally qualified Physical Education Teachers take care of the sports activities of the school. The school is divided into four houses and inter house activities are conducted regularly. The Annual Sports is a regular feature and an important co-curricular activity of the school.


At Vision International School, Shirur there are a number of clubs to help the students explore their interests and develop their latent talents and leadership promise under expert guidance. Many of these are student initiatives, where students take charge and teachers are only facilitators.


With the activities like PEC for Primary we integrate the physical education with the subject where the student learns the concepts in a naturalistic manner. Inclusion of these kind of activities nourishes the curious and provokes mind.


In a healthy body dwells a healthy mind. Therefore along with physical development of the child we aim at mental and emotional development of our students as well. We train our students for

  • Yoga – for a sound body and mind.
  • Dance – to every beat of your heart !
  • Music – to set a perfect rhythm of life…
  • Karate – to build the fighter spirit.


The school organizes all possible educational visits & field trips demanded in their syllabus as we believe that learners learn by their own experience and experience can be gained only by being a part of it.

We organize picnics and educational tours to make the learning a life time experience.