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Multiple courses, expert instructors and effort and Trips

Therefore to help child to learn and succeed at its own pace we offer a variety of curricular and co-curricular activities which would provide a platform for the students to rise and shine.

The core subjects like English, Mathematics , EVS, Hindi and Marathi are the base subjects which develop perfect logical and analytical minds. The subjects are taught through different styles and methodologies to make it more effective.The pattern of teaching adopted by the teacher perfectly suits the topic and creates a deep impact.

The student not only learns the topic but also retains it throughout. These subjects are the grounds for future studies and we make it concrete for them.

The activities like NIE in English keeps our students connected to the latest trends as well as develop a habit of newspaper reading.From the first encounter with new words to building up of complex sentences ; then , makes them more confident in the language.We provide newspapers to every student every day.

econd languages like Hindi and Marathi are also taught with same proficiency by our teachers. The combination of the languages makes the student stand prominent and confident in the crowd.

With the activities like PEC we integrate the physical education with the subject where the student learns the concepts in a naturalistic manner. Inclusion of these kind of activities nourishes the curious and provoked mind.

We facilitate the creativity of our students through arts and craft activities which enhance the imaginative and creative corner of the students.

In a healthy body dwells a healthy mind.Therefore along with mental and emotional development of the child we aim at physical development of our students as well. We train our students for

  • Skates : for long, balanced and smooth run in their life.
  • Karate : to build the fighter spirit.
  • Sports : to develop the sportsmanship attitude.
  • Yoga : for a sound body and mind.
  • Dance : to every beat of your heart !
  • Music : to set a perfect rythm of life

Human is all about emotions !To celebrate emotions, to celebrate life we take our students through the world of moods, situations, experiences, expressions and exploration of thoughts !!We do this by training our students through Dramatics where the students learn to act and act to express...

We follow the CCE pattern of assessment and work towards continual growth of our students.

Sr. No Date Competition/Celebration/Field Trip Description
1 13th Jan Teacher’s Training 2nd Saturday Holiday on account of Teacher’s Training
2 16th Jan Story Telling Competition Tuesday Story Telling Competition - Nursery to 4th Std
3 17th Jan Western Dress Wednesday Theme (Western Dress)
4 18th Jan Field Trip Field Trip to Garden for U.K.G
5 19th Jan Field Trip Field Trip to Garden for Playgroup to L.K.G
6 10th July Competition's (Saturday - Field Trip to Bank & Police Station – 1st to 4th Std).
Quiz Comp. & Wealth (Best) out of Waste Competition for Std: 1st to 4th
Memory Competition for Nursery to U.K.G.
7 24th Jan Rangoli Competition Wednesday Theme (Any colour) – Rangoli
Competition for Moms ( 12pm to 2pm)
8 26th Jan Republic Day Celebration Republic Day Celebration (8:15am to 10am)
9 27th Jan 4th Saturday Holiday th Saturday Holiday
10 4th November Pick & Speak - Competition 1- My school is the Best School in Shirur.
2- If I become the Prime Minister of India.
(Students have to prepare themselves for both the given topics, pick a topic on the spot & speak on it) (Judgement Criteria: Confidence, Content & Memory)
11 31st Jan Summer Season Wednesday Theme (Summer Season)
12 5th to 8th Feb Periodic Test Periodic Test – 4 (Std: 1st to 4th )
13 7th Feb Theme Wednesday Theme ( I want to become an Actor / Actress) for Nursery to U.K.G
14 12th Feb Science Exhibition Science Exhibition Day
15 13th & 14th Feb Mahashivratri Holiday on account of Mahashivratri
16 17th Feb Masterchef Competition Masterchef Competition for Parents along with kids (12m to 2pm)
17 21st Feb Dress like your Mom / Dad Wednesday Theme (Dress like your Mom / Dad)
18 1st March Holi Holiday on account of Holi
19 21st to 26th March Exams Annual Exams for Nursery to 4th Std
20 27th March Picnic Picnic for Pre-Primary
21 28th March Picnic Picnic for Pre-Primary
22 29th March to 1st April Holidays Holidays
23 2nd to 27th April New Academic Year 2018-2019 New Academic Year 2018-2019
24 28th April Result Day Result Day (10am to 12pm)
25 30th April – 6th May Summer Camp Summer Camp
26 7th May to 13th June Summer Vacations Summer Vacations
27 14th June 2018 School Re-Opens School Re-Opens